Stories of Brave

Brave takes that risk. Brave strives to push on when others don’t. We see that bravery, and we back it. Our Stories of Brave series takes a look at some of our SME customers who’ve shown that bravery. They’re the cornerstone of our economy, and we’re here to support them.

Stories of brave

Theodora Dimova – Select Roofing

Construction is an industry that has had to reinvent, reassess, shrink and grow multiple times over the last decade and with sites completely closed for three months, it was one of the hardest hit during the Covid-19 pandemic. Businesses had to adapt and be ready to move quickly as soon as their sites had the go ahead to reopen. One such company is Select Roofing Ltd where Theodora Dimova is the Finance Director.

Read how Theodora’s commitment to her role as Finance Director helped Select Roofing to compete and grow in the market.

Stories of brave

Ger Leahy – Newtownadam Farm

Irish agriculture is one industry where dedication, commitment, innovation and bravery are the absolute keys to success. A man who knows all about this is Ger Leahy from Co Tipperary. One of Ireland’s leading tillage farmers, Ger has been working Newtownadam Farm for over 20 years having inherited it from his father in 2000.

Read how Ger’s commitment to his farm and innovative thinking ensured they stayed on schedule over the past few months.

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