01 July 2014


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At AIB we take security seriously. We aim to protect you against the threats associated with internet fraud. Here, you will find details of specific current security threats to our internet and mobile banking customers and alerts that you should be aware of.

Fraudulent Phone Calls

We have been made aware of a number of fraudulent phone calls purporting to be from Allied Irish Banks p.l.c.

Upon answering the phone you may be greeted with an automated voice recording requesting your AIB Internet Banking log in details.

These phone calls are NOT from AIB - they are a fraudulent attempt to obtain your banking details.

What should you do if you have received one or all of these security threats?

DO NOT disclose any details
CONTACT US immediately
Forward email to alert@aib.ie and then delete it immediately.
DO NOT RESPOND to the text or CLICK ON ANY LINKS in the text.
DO run a scan from your anti-virus software to help detect any viruses which may be on your computer.
DO NOT log on to AIB Internet Banking from the infected computer until all viruses have been professionally removed.

Pop Up Alert

AIB is aware of recent reports of a fraudulent pop up window that appears while logged in to AIB Internet Banking.

A recent example of the pop up states 'that the Code Card associated with your account is due to expire in the next 30days.'. The pop up directs you to enter all five digits of your Personal Access Code (PAC) and 100 digits from your AIB Code Card to allow you to access your account.

These pop up messages are NOT from AIB, they are a fraudulent attempt to obtain your banking details and are caused by malware which has infected your computer.

Text Message Alert

Beware of fraudulent text messages claiming to be from AIB

Examples of the text messages include:

  • Sign up now for the AIB Card reader, which offers extended security when using AIB Internet Banking services.
  • Your access to AIB Internet Banking has been suspended because your AIB Code Card has expired.

The text message contains a link which will bring you to a fraudulent website and request you to enter your Registration Number, Full Personal Access Code (PAC) and 100 codes from your Code Card.

These text messages are NOT from AIB. They are a fraudulent attempt to obtain your banking details.

Remember AIB will never send a text message in relation to your AIB Internet Banking.

Email Alert

A number of fraudulent (Phishing) emails purporting to be from Allied Irish Banks p.l.c. are in circulation. These emails request your AIB Internet Banking log in details and personal information. Please be aware that AIB Internet Banking will NEVER request your full PAC or Code Card details by email, text or phone.

Recent examples of the subject headings of some of these fraudulent (phishing) emails are:

  • Account Locked
  • Mobile Phone Number not on profile
  • AIB Internet Security Update
  • Important information regarding your account
  • Important Security Issue

(Please note: this is not an exclusive list of subject headings)

These emails are NOT from AIB - they are a fraudulent attempt to obtain your banking details.

Contact us

AIB Internet Banking Users: alert@aib.ie or telephone 0818 724 724.
AIB iBusiness Banking Users: Telephone: 0818 72 00 00
First Trust Bank Users: alert@aib.ie or 028 9034 6034 (08:30 to 17:00 Mon to Fri)
Allied Irish Bank (GB): alert@aib.ie or 028 9034 6060 (08:30 - 17:00 Mon to Fri)