iBusiness Banking (iBB) Security Centre

Current Security Alert

At AIB we take security seriously. We aim to protect you against the threats associated with internet fraud. AIB works constantly with national and international partners to identify cyber threats and issues regular customer advice on this page, so please always take a minute to read new messages we issue to protect you. 

Here in our Security Centre, you will find details of specific current security threats to our online banking customers and alerts that you should be aware of.


Malware Screens on iBB

We are aware of attempted fraud on iBB; screens that look like iBB screens are being used in an attempt to trick customers into making fraudulent payments.

Please keep the following in mind when accessing the iBB Service:

  • AIB will NEVER ask you to key codes, presented to you on a screen, in to your Digipass.

  • AIB do not email you asking you to ‘click on a particular link to log in to the service’   

  • AIB do not use loading screens like the example below

Please remain vigilant of fraudulent activity. 

An example of the fake screen is below: