Existing Group Pension Plans

Help your employees with their pension with our Employee Pension Plan and Scheme

Employee pension scheme benefits.

Transform the way in which your employees view the company by providing your employees with access to a pension plan, particularly if you decide to contribute to the arrangement on their behalf as well.

We can help set up a pension scheme that will attract and retain high quality employees

Recruit and retain high quality, high performing staff.

Offering a pension and contributing to it can help with recruiting and retaining quality, high performing staff. Give your employees one less thing to worry about and one more reason to stay with you.

Talk to oue advisors about how you can control your expenses with our Group Pension Plan

Maintain control of the costs to your business.

Contributions that you make to a pension can normally be fully offset as a business expense for Corporation Tax purposes.

AIB - Innovative employee pension scheme solutions.

We have a team of highly experienced pension experts.

Talk to us today about designing your Pension Plan to suit your needs

Scheme Design and Investment Flexibility.

Maintain the optimum scheme structure to meet your requirements. There are a choice of investment funds with different degrees of investment risk and with numerous fund managers. Members also have the opportunity to avail of the “Lifestyle” investment strategy which reduces the members exposure to volatility as they near retirement age.

Keep track of your Group Pension Plan with our secure online facility

Use our secure online facility for:

  • Immediate access to scheme details
  • Fund details and fund mix at scheme and member level
  • Payment history allowing reconciliation with bank / payroll records
  • Additional benefits and the cost of these benefits
  • Employer, trustee and employee details
Use Worksite marketing to promote your pension plan

Employee enrolment and worksite marketing.

Worksite marketing enables you to promote your pension plan to your employees and ensure that they recognise the benefit that you are providing to them.

Members of the Group Pension Plan can avail for great financial support to help achieve their goals

Service Excellence.

We provide ongoing support to the sponsor, trustees and members of your AIB Group Pension Plan. All members of the AIB Group Pension Plan can avail of our financial advisory services to help in achieving wider financial goals.

With our Group Pension Plan we ensure that you understand the obligations expected of you

Trustee Obligations.

We will work with you to ensure you understand your obligations under pensions legislation (including your Trustee obligations under the Pensions Act 1990).

Warning: Past performance is not a reliable guide to future performance

Warning: The value of your investment may go down as well as up


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