Currency Deposit Accounts

Protect your currency funds with AIB Currency Deposit Accounts

Protect your currency funds.

Make and receive foreign currency payments in selected currencies without the need to convert the funds into euros. These accounts can help protect you against adverse exchange rate movements.

Earn interest on currency deposits

Save costs, earn interest.

Help protect against adverse foreign exchange movements and take advantage of the opportunity to earn interest on your surplus currency funds with either our Currency Call or Currency Fixed Term Deposit accounts.

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Choose between either our Currency Call Deposit Account or Currency Fixed Term Deposit Account.

  >Currency Call Deposit Account Currency Fixed Term Deposit Account
Interest payable on the balance in the account Y Y
Type of interest Variable depending on balance and adjusted weekly in line with market fluctuations Fixed for duration of the investment term
Interest paid In March and September. On maturity.
Investment terms N/A 1 week – 364 days
Withdraw funds Y N*
Lodgements Y Y only on re-investment
Transaction fees Y None*
Joint accounts for up to 4 parties Y Y
Access via iBusiness Banking Y Y

Interest is subject to Deposit Interest Retention Tax (D.I.R.T.) where applicable at the prevailing rate (for more detailed information please visit

Read Terms and Conditions.

WARNING: The interest rate offered on Currency Call Deposit Accounts and Currency Fixed Term Deposit Accounts fluctuates in line with Interbank market rates. At times of low Interbank market rates the Bank’s Currency Call Deposit and Fixed Term Deposit accounts may offer 0% interest rates.

Additional Information

  • Direct cash lodgements or withdrawals are not supported
  • Joint accounts are limited to a maximum of 4 parties.

*If the agreed term of your Currency Fixed Term Deposit Account is broken an Administration Cost will be applied and a Funding Cost may be applied where applicable. Administration Cost €63.50 (currency equivalent levied to the Currency Fixed Term Deposit Account) and Funding Cost (where applicable). Funding Cost represents our costs in replacing your deposit with a corresponding fixed deposit for the period from the date of your withdrawal to the original maturity date of the Currency Fixed Term Deposit Account.

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