Standing Order

Make fixed amount payments at regular intervals

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Regular automatic payments.

Automatically pay fixed amounts at regular intervals from your account into any other account in Ireland*.

*Standing Orders may not be used to pay utilities such as electricity, gas and mobile phone companies. This can be facilitated through the Bill Payment screen within iBB.

Take control of your accounts with our standing order

Total control.

A Standing Order is an agreement between you and AIB Bank. Keeping control of the transaction is easy; you can amend or cancel it by giving appropriate notice in writing to your AIB branch.

Manage your business accounts with ease with our standing order


Use a Standing Order to transfer funds from your business accounts with the option to select an end-date. You can make regular payments on a loan or transfer money into a savings account.

Save time and money with our standing order

Save time and money.

Standing Orders are cheaper than writing a cheque or withdrawing cash and eliminate the need to visit your branch when your regular payment is due. Payments can be made every fortnight, month, two months, quarter, six months or year depending on your business needs.

Setting up a standing order is easy and open to all businesses

All welcome.

Our standing order facility is open to any business.

Important / Regulatory Notice

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