International Payments and Foreign Exchange

We offer a comprehensive range of international payment options and foreign exchange services to meet your business needs,via our branch network and electronically.

International Payments.

Make payments from your own accounts in all major currencies to most destinations worldwide on a standard or urgent basis using these options via iBB, internet banking, self-service kiosk or in branch.


Please note that these forms are updated from time to time. To ensure you are using the correct version, please download from the website on each occasion you wish to make an International Payment.

For payments within the SEPA zone*, the International Bank Account Number (IBAN) must always be included on the payment instruction to ensure that the payment is delivered in the most effective and cost efficient way. It is not mandatory for the customer to provide the BIC for Euro SEPA payments.


Making payments using our online banking services is secure, cheaper and more convenient than making paper based international payments using a Paylink form. 

Alternatively you can complete the relevant International Payment Application Form (Paylink or Paylink Euro) and submit it through your branch for processing. 

Receive payments into your own accounts in all major currencies from most destinations worldwide.

* SEPA zone = EU Member states, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and United Kingdom. There are a number of additional SEPA zone territories, which tend to change periodically.

International Payments FAQs

Foreign Exchange Rates applicable to Incoming International Payments

Foreign Exchange Rates applicable to Outgoing International Payments


Buy and sell foreign currency notes.

Sterling and US Dollars are generally available on demand at your Branch. When ordering other currencies, simply fill out a ‘Foreign Currency note order’ form and send to your Branch. Orders must be placed and paid for in advance.
Currencies are sold in multiples of foreign note values dependent upon the currency denominations. See the list of Foreign Currencies and Multiple Values. The branch will provide full details of the transaction i.e. exchange rate, commission, currency amount and euro total and when the order will be available for collection.

Foreign currency drafts.

We offer drafts in a number of different currencies. Simply fill out a ‘Foreign Draft’ application form, which caters for both single or multiple foreign draft requests and send to your branch.

Foreign currency and International euro cheque lodgements.

Lodge cheques in all major foreign currencies and international euro.* The relevant currency exchange rate on that business day is applied.

*In certain circumstances, foreign currency cheque and international euro cheques may be sent for payment on a collection basis at the Bank’s discretion. A foreign cheque collection is where a cheque is sent directly by mail/courier to the foreign bank on a special presentation basis requesting irrevocable/final payment. There is no standard payment cycle and your account will only be credited when AIB is in receipt of final payment from the foreign bank. Where applicable, the exchange rate used is the prevailing exchange rate on the date of receipt of funds from the foreign bank, not the date the cheque is sent for collection.

Important information.

  • Charges may apply. Please see our 'Schedule of International Transaction Charges' brochure.
  • Foreign Exchange rates may apply. Any transactions involving a currency conversion are subject to variable exchange rates. Retail foreign exchange rates are available from any AIB branch for reference purposes.
  • Exchange rate losses may apply in the case of cancellation or amendment to a transaction or unpaid items.
  • The most effective means of sending or receiving money cross border is generally by International Payment instead of a draft or cheque; Drafts and cheques (including international euro cheques) not drawn on a bank within Ireland cannot be cleared through the Irish clearing system. Clearing rules and clearing cycles differ depending on the country/location of the bank on which the draft/cheque is drawn. Due to the absence of a central European or international clearing system for paper, there is no standard mechanism or time period for clearance of paper items i.e. drafts and cheques.
  • For information on International Payment visit International Payments FAQs.