Payments to Europe -
A Cost-effective Option for US Corporations


What is SEPA?

SEPA is the new Single Euro Payments Area, which includes 34 countries across Europe. If you are paying employees, suppliers or customers in Europe, your AIB Treasury Relationship Manager can help you do this quickly, securely and with significant cost savings.








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Customer Testimonial

“AIB in Ireland dramatically cut the cost and complexity for us of making sterling and euro payments throughout the UK and Europe. We have saved considerable money and time because of AIB’s platform for low-cost electronic payments, and powerful but easy account and transaction reporting.  The dramatic savings and exceptional service caused us to consolidate our non-US banking business with AIB. From Ireland to New Zealand, we haven’t found a bank that equals AIB in supporting our need to make payments around the world.”

Lowell Partridge, CFO, Road Scholar – providing educational travel programs for older adults around the world


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What are the benefits of SEPA?

Countries in the SEPA zone


Savings of up to 99% are based upon a comparison, undertaken by, of international wire transfer fees charged by the top 10 US banks by deposits on 24 April 2014.