Business Start-up Current Account

An account tailored specifically with start-up businesses in mind

Business start-up current account

Who is it for?

It is available to start-up businesses who are starting a new business or who have been in operation for less than 3 years and opening an AIB Business Start-up Current Account for the first time.

Account maintenance and transaction fees options

When you open our Business Start-up Current Account, for the first two years we'll waive:

  • Account Maintenance and Transactions* Fees, excluding cash handling fees
  • Cash handling fees up to a maximum discount of €100 per fee quarter
Avail our tool to manage business receipts and payments

An essential tool for your start-up business.

Manage your receipts and payments and keep up-to-date with your current financial position.

Access your business current account in branch or online

Different ways to bank.

Access your business current account in branch or online. Supports a range of transactions, both national and international.

See all your financial transaction history

Track every cent.

Detailed records of all your financial transactions, supported by regular statements.


Make or receive payments

Make or receive payments by debit card, cheque, direct debit, standing order or online.

Comprehensive business start-up package available

Avail of more from our Business Start-up Package







* as described under the heading Account Fees at (A. Account Maintenance Fees and B. Account Transaction Fees) in the 'Business Fees and Charges' Booklet.  The offer does not include the waiving of any charges such as Service charges, International Payments charges, Government charges and stamp duty. Other charges apply, see the Bank's 'Business Fees and Charges' and 'Schedule of International Transaction Charges' booklet.

The offer is available to Business Start-up customers who apply for our Business Start-up Current Account Fee Offer at account opening by ticking the relevant box on the Business Account opening form.  At the end of the offer period, the Bank’s standard fees and charges will apply to the account.

Terms and Conditions for AIB Business Start-up Current Accounts.
Terms and Conditions for Current, Demand Deposit and Masterplan Accounts