Finance Supports

Finance -Loan and Equity Funding

1.      Senior loan fund

To support Women in Business we are also launching a €100m loan fund. It is available in the same way as all of our loan facilities, through all of our channels, same terms and conditions. What differentiates it is that we will measure the level of uptake of these facilities and seek to ensure our educational support and all other supports make this accessible in the way women business owners have asked of us in our research.

AIB want to ensure that we deliver to all the requirements of women business owners and a loan fund is a part of this.

2.      Equity fund

As part of the Frontline Ventures II €60m Equity Fund, AIB launched a €3m Discovery Programme with a focus on supporting tech entrepreneurs at the most challenging stage of the development journey, the customer discovery phase. Frontline and AIB are working together to encourage women in enterprise within the AIB discovery programme.  The AIB Discovery Programme focuses on software  businesses and  seeking to invest  in a total of around 15 Companies  up to circa €200k each.

3.      Office Hours

One to one support provided by Frontline Ventures

As part of our Women in Enterprise programme, Frontline  are holding a series of clinics in AIB locations exclusively for female business entrepreneurs to encourage and assist them to assess their equity readiness. The clinic provides the opportunity for women entrepreneurs to have a half hour one on one sessions to discuss their ideas, fundraising plans, product fit with a seasoned investor in the early stage tech ecosystem.     


Contact your local branch or business centre for more information.