Technology, Media & Telecoms

Your business, like our business is complex and highly susceptible to change. You can benefit from the knowledge and experience of our dedicated technology, media and telecoms Sectors team and Local advisors who will work to support your business achieve its ambitions. They support staff by providing strong, objective financial and technical analysis of individual businesses as necessary. Please come and talk to us so we can help you on your journey.

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Developing your business.


With the evolving COVID-19 situation we are aware many businesses and households are facing disruption. Our aim is to continue to support you through this situation and we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible if you need advice or support. We will remain flexible in our response as the situation evolves and we will keep you updated on the range of tailored solutions for both our business and personal customers.

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Managing your business.

Supporting Start-ups

We provide unique Start-up banking solutions, including Venture and Seed Capital funding and expert advice, to ambitious, high growth technology, media and telecoms companies in the early stages of development.

Developing your business.

Accelerating Growth

Our financial products support the needs of established companies looking to grow. Choose from Working Capital, Invoice Finance, Business Loans and Asset Finance options.

Expecting the unexpected.

Enabling Global Trade

Whether already established in foreign markets or just beginning to expand abroad, our range of export services  make it easy to trade internationally.




In AIB we are actively supporting our customers to prepare for Brexit.

That’s why we are partnering with the Strategic Banking Corporation of Ireland (SBCI) in the new €300m SBCI Brexit Loan Scheme.

SBCI Brexit Support Loans are available to viable businesses who are Brexit impacted and meet the Scheme criteria which is detailed on the SBCI website.

Talk to us

We are interested in hearing more about your technology business. To find out how AIB can assist you, contact:

Anne Bannon
Sector Strategist


Other Sources of Finance

Please note that the provision of this product or service does not require licensing authorization or registration with the Central bank of Ireland and as a result it is not covered by the Central Bank’s requirements designed to protect consumers or by a statutory compensation scheme.

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    You can access business advice and grant aid for export activities including market research and internationalisation supports from Enterprise Ireland.

    Local Enterprise Offices  - fostering early stage businesses employing less than 10 people in local and regional areas.

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    Business Angels

    Business angels are private investors who invest smaller amounts of finance in early stage companies. In Ireland, there is a national Business Angel Partnership network to bring together the private equity activities of Enterprise Ireland, InterTrade Ireland and the Irish Business and Innovation Centres by matching private investors with pre-screened investment opportunities in start-up, early stage and developing businesses. More information on business angels is available from The Halo Business Angel Partnership.

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    Tax Relief Incentive Schemes

    Currently there are two tax relief incentive schemes:

    (1) the Seed Capital Scheme and

    (2) the Employment and Investment Incentive Scheme

    The Seed Capital Scheme provides for a refund of tax already paid by an individual, when that individual sets up and takes employment in a new qualifying business. The Employment and Investment Incentive Scheme provides tax relief for investment in certain corporate trades.

    For more information check Revenue.

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    Microfinance Ireland

    Microfinance Ireland has been funded by the Irish Government to provide loans to newly established and growing micro-enterprises across all industry sectors that do not meet the conventional risk criteria applied by banks. In the first instance, you should approach your bank for credit. In the event that credit is declined, you are eligible to apply to Microfinance Ireland for a loan.

    Microfinance Ireland works in partnership with the Local Enterprise Offices who can assist with training and guidance in preparing your business plan. They will also conduct an initial evaluation of the quality of your business proposal for a loan application.

    Established in 2012, Microfinance Ireland is now open for business and accepting qualifying applications. The company offers loans to viable businesses that have been declined for credit by a bank and are seeking up to €25,000.

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    Crowdfunding (also known as crowd financing, equity crowdfunding or crowd-sourced fundraising) is the collective effort of individuals who network and pool their money, to support efforts initiated by other businesses.

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