DoLearn Finance - Online Learning Tool

We know how busy entrepreneurs are, with hectic schedules building and minding the business on a day to day basis, but a key element of managing a business includes understanding the overall financial performance of the business and the levers that affect that performance.

DoLearnFinance is an online learning tool designed to develop your financial skills and help you gain greater understanding of the most common financial terms and concepts in a user-friendly way.

The videos and resources provided through DoLearnFinance will take you through a number of straightforward and practical business examples, demonstrating financial techniques that you will find invaluable. In addition, there are Workbooks, PowerPoint presentations and the incredibly useful FaBLinker modelling tool.

In a short period of time you can gain a firm grasp of some simple financial techniques which will prove very useful in managing your business.

“DoLearnFinance is a game-changing tool for entrepreneurs, micro and small businesses” says Prof. Thomas Cooney, DIT School of Business.

“The vision of the founders is to help create an environment where no small business fails, or fails to reach its potential, because of a gap in financial skills that can be remedied with minimal time and effort” says Jack Foley, CEO of DoLearnFinance.

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