Planning for Profit

AIB, in association with the Irish Farmers Journal, Teagasc and the Agricultural Consultants Association, has developed “Planning for Profit”, a practical resource to help you reach and deliver your farm goals, focussing on the key drivers of profitable farm production.

Whether considering farm development, expansion, farm succession or farm diversification, the Planning for Profit resource can help you to better position your farm for the future.

Part 1 of Planning for Profit takes you through the initial steps of the planning process, outlining – with practical examples – how best to take stock of where you are now, and the importance of cashflow as both a monitoring and planning tool.
Part 2 of Planning for Profit outlines, on a step-by-step basis using practical examples, the processes involved in preparing a farm business plan for your farm.  
Read Planning for Profit as an ebook.

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