How to set up someone outside Ireland for payment on iBB

If you have the right user permission to create a beneficiary here’s what to do:

  1. In the left hand menu, select Payments, then Beneficiary Management. Then on screen select the ‘Create International’ button.

  2. Enter the beneficiary name and address in the relevant fields.

  3. If using an (International Bank Account Number) IBAN then enter that in the IBAN field. If using account number and Bank Code (or Sort Code) then tick the “NSC” box and enter the information in the fields.  Here is a list of country specific payment details

    It's worth checking you have the right codes in the right place.

    A BIC (Bank Identifier Code) has between 8 and 11 letters and numbers.

    For example our BIC is AIBKIE2D

    If you use the 11 characters the payment will go to a specific branch rather than the Bank's Head Office.

    A Bank Code usually has six numbers. Sometimes it's called a Sort Code or National Clearing Code. For example, one of AIB Bank (Sort) Codes is 931365, another example for India is SBIN0007932 or USA 021000021

  4. Press 'Authorise' on screen. Then using your Digipass select "TDS" (Transaction Data Signature) in the Digipass menu. To see a video demo of how to use the Digipass, please click here.

  5. Enter the first six numeric characters of the Beneficiary’s IBAN.  For example if that is IE27AIBK93136512345678 then your TDS will be 279313. The 8 digit TDS will display on your Digipass, enter that on screen to complete the setup of your new beneficiary.

If you don’t have the permission to authorise then you can ‘Save for Authorisation’ and a colleague with the permission can complete this step.

If you don’t see the options above on screen then speak to the iBB Local Administrator in your company about your iBB user permissions.

Our customer support team are available to help Monday to Friday 08.30 to 17.30 (Irish Standard Time).


Telephone: 0818 72 00 00 or +353 1 641 4889 (Outside ROI).