Business 2020: Future Opportunities for Growth

Ken Burke

After five years of slow or no growth in the Irish economy, the ability to succeed is not something we can take for granted.  That said, the message we increasingly hear from our customers these days is that they have survived the recession, have taken the steps necessary to get their business into shape and now want to push on and establish their business on a growth path for the future.

Businesses are looking for the path to sustainable growth, and Business 2020 has been written for Irish businesses to help guide them towards real opportunities that will exist in the years ahead. Over the rest of this decade, we will witness changes driven by social, technological and environmental changes – ones as dramatic as any we experienced in the last decade. No sector will be unaffected. For every challenge, there will be an opportunity, and those opportunities will bring growth, increased profitability and business sustainability to those who can capitalise on them.

We hope this report will give you grounds for real optimism and ideas for success as you look ahead and plan for the future of your business.
If you require a financial partner to help you capitalise on the opportunities, please contact your relationship manager at AIB. We are Open for Business.
Ken Burke
Head of AIB Business Banking