Outlook: Transport & Logistics

On the back of strong economic growth over the past number of years, many Irish haulage operators have now began to invest in new fleet and equipment. The sector however faces significant headwinds with Brexit on the horizon and rising insurance costs. In this Transport Outlook we discuss the key challenges and opportunities for the sector with a number of key industry stakeholders including Verona Murphy, President of the Irish Road Haulage Association.



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Verona Murphy (IRHA), Donal Dempsey (Dempsey & Associates), Robert Quill (Transport & Logistics Strategist, AIB), Alan O'Regan (Head of Asset Finance, Area South, AIB), Jerry Kiersey (Green Tiger Group) and Tomas Horgan (Dungarvan Transport) provide insights on the challenges and opportunities facing the transport sector. 

From L-R is Donal Dempsey, Kieran Marshall, Verona Murphy IRHA, John O'Doherty, Mark Fitzharris, Robert Quill and Alan O'Regan.

From L-R is Donal Dempsey, Mark Fitzharris, Verona Murphy IRHA, Robert Quill and Alan O'Regan.