Balance and Available Funds

What is the 'Balance'?

The balance that appears on the "Account Information Screen” is the Ledger Balance. This Ledger Balance does not include transactions that have yet to be posted to the account (such as pending debit card transactions). Nor does it include any overdraft limit approved on the account. It will, however, include items lodged to the account that may be returned unpaid at a later date (such as uncleared cheques).

The Ledger Balance presented is dependent on the account type.

Account Type

Balance Displayed

AIB Branch Accounts Latest Ledger Balance
Currency Accounts Latest Ledger Balance
Credit Card Accounts
Latest Ledger Balance
Finance and Leasing Accounts Closing Ledger Balance from previous working day
Retail Deposit Accounts Closing Ledger Balance from previous working day
Accounts in other Banks Closing Ledger Balance from previous working day
Term Deposit GBP Latest Ledger Balance

Note: Latest Ledger Balance includes transactions posted since the start of the business day up to the point in time that the enquiry/refresh is made. Closing Ledger Balance is the account statement balance at close of the business day which includes all transactions posted since the start of the business day.

What are 'Available Funds'?

Available Funds shows the actual amount that can be transferred or withdrawn from the account including, where applicable, any overdraft limit approved on the account. Depending on the account set up, Available Funds may also include items which have not yet cleared and items which may later be returned unpaid on your the account (e.g. cheques).

Note: Available Funds is only available to view on AIB current accounts. All other accounts will display an Available Funds balance of ‘n/a’.

Transfers and withdrawals are subject to transaction limits. Transferring or withdrawing amounts may incur fees and/or charges, so please ensure that there are sufficient Available Funds to allow for any such fees and/or charges. For more information on fees and charges please see our brochure at

What is the difference between Ledger Balance and Available Funds?

The Ledger Balance includes transactions which have been fully processed to the account while Available Funds includes payments and transfers made into and out of the account but not transactions which have taken place but have not yet been fully processed to the account. For example, an AIB cheque which has been lodged to the account will affect the Ledger Balance today but may not affect Available Funds until it has cleared, unless your account set up allows. Likewise, a pending debit card transaction will affect Available Funds today but will not affect the Ledger Balance until it has been processed.

Example 1:

If there is EUR500 in the account with an overdraft of EUR500 and you lodge an AIB cheque with a value of EUR300

'Available Funds' on the account would be EUR1000. (i.e. EUR500 + EUR500 Overdraft = EUR1000)

The Ledger Balance on the account will display EUR800 (i.e. EUR500 + EUR300 AIB Cheque = EUR800)

If the Bank has agreed to a set-off arrangement (where the balance in one account may be used when making payment decisions on other accounts), the Available Funds on the account may be increased or decreased by the Available Funds in another account(s) .i.e. the Available Funds in each account are combined. To calculate the actual Available Funds, amalgamate the Available Funds amount in each account.

Example 2: If there are Available Funds of EUR1000 CR in account A and Available Funds of EUR200 DR in account B, the combined Available Funds is EUR800CR.

Where are my 'Pending Transactions'?

Pending Transactions are not currently available for viewing on iBB accounts.