iBusiness Banking (iBB) Security Centre

SCAM ALERT: Coronavirus

Fraudsters are using the publicity around the Coronavirus to pose as genuine organisations, including bank staff, government and/or health service officials, including the companies you pay regularly. They are claiming to help keep your money safe, or to offer investment and / or medical advice at a cost and can ask you to transfer funds to a different account.

Remember: AIB or other organisations, such as law enforcement agencies, will NEVER ask you to transfer money, move it to a safe account, nor ask you to disclose your security credentials, personal or financial information by phone, email or text message. Always verify account numbers with your supplier on a known contact number before you make a payment.

For additional information on these scams and more, visit FraudSMART.

    Email Scams

    Criminals are sending scam emails in an attempt to trick you in to transferring money to them. 

    If you make and authorise a payment to one of these fraudulent accounts, it is highly unlikely that AIB will be able to get your money back for you.

    Ensure that all your iBB Users are aware of these threats and that they should report any suspicious activity immediately. 

    For more information on how to stay safe, visit our Security Centre and www.fraudsmart.ie.

    • You should NEVER accept any financial instructions via email.
    • You should always VERIFY ACCOUNT NUMBERS using a known contact number to your Manager / Director / Staff Member / Supplier.