Small Business Cashflow Planner

A comprehensive and structured framework for managing your Cashflow.

3 easy steps for completion

Step 1

Enter forecast income for each month then the total receipts will be calculated for you.

Step 2

Enter forecast expenses for each month then the total expenditure will be calculated for you.

Step 3

Repeat Step 1 & Step 2 for Year 2 and Year 3.
Year 1 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
A. Receipts
Cash Sales (inc Credit/Debit/Gift card sales)
Cash received on goods returns
Credit Sales Due - 30 days
Credit Sales Due - 60 days
Credit Sales Due - 90 days
Proceeds of Loan Drawdowns from Bank
VAT refund
Owner Equity/Director Loans
Grants Received
Cash received from sale of other assets
Other:(i.e Rental Income)
A. Total receipts
B. Expenditures
Payments Due - 30 days
Payments Due - 60 days
Payments Due - 90 days
Capital Expenditure
Production & Staff Costs
Wages and Salaries (inc. overtime & commission)
VAT payment
Personal Life Assurance
Pension Contributions
Corporation & Preliminary Tax
Principal/Directors Remuneration Drawings
Utility & Professional Business Expenses
Rent & Rates (Inc. Water)
Business Insurance
Professional Fees
Repairs & Renewals
Royalty Payments (Franchising)
Phone & internet - Office & Mobile
Operating Expenses
Cleaning & Security & other premises costs
Postal & Courier Costage
Motor Fuel & Service
Motor Tax & insurance
Subs to professional associations
Entertainment (Staff)
Entertainment (Customers)
Travel Expenses
Advertising Expenses
Stationery & Office Supplies
Financial Expenses
Bank Term Loan Repayments
HP/ Leasing Repayments
Loan Interest Payments
Bank Charges
B. Total expenditure
A - B Cashflow Surplus (+) /Deficit (-)
Opening Cash balance (start month)
Closing Cash balance




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