Email Scams


Criminals are sending scam emails in an attempt to trick you into transferring money to them.

Examples of the types of emails include:

  • Emails claiming to be from your supplier or contractor advising that they have changed their bank account number. These emails will request that all future payments should be made to a new account, which actually belongs to the criminal.


  • The ‘From’ field in the email looks like it’s sent from your Manager / Director / Senior Staff Member within your company. The email will request that the recipient make a payment to an account number given in the email.  This account number actually belongs to the criminal. These requests may imply some urgency, which is not the case.

You should not accept any financial instructions via email. You should always VERIFY ACCOUNT NUMBERS on a known contact number to your manager/Director/Senior Staff Member.

If you make and authorise a payment to one of these fraudulent accounts, it is highly unlikely that AIB will be able to get your money back for you.

Ensure that all your iBB Users are aware of these threats and that they should report any suspicious activity immediately. 

For more information on how to stay safe, visit our Security Centre and