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12 December 2018

Marketing Ideas for Your Business in 2019

Posted By: AIB Business

Have you been working hard to get your small business up and running? Have you got big plans for 2019? Aside from all the hard work you and your team are doing behind the scenes, it’s just as important to make your business known to the people who matter. And though the likes of website optimisation and paid social posts may be intimidating if you’re not familiar with them, it pays to surround yourself with a digital-savvy team. To help you get started, here are five ways to start marketing your business in 2019.



1. Optimise Your Website

First things first, has your business got a website? If so, remember – for many potential customers, this provides their first impression of your business. However, it’s little use having a site if people can’t find it. This is where SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) comes into play. By ensuring your website is accessible to search engines and your content is of high quality and relevant to what people are searching for, you’ll improve search engine visibility, traffic and conversions. If this sounds a little complicated, it may be worth having an SEO specialist take a look at your site. They’ll be able to identify opportunities and make recommendations to ensure it’s easy for customers to discover and navigate your site. 


2. Create Interesting Content

As well as this technical element, you can also populate your website with interesting, creative content (if this is in line with your ongoing marketing strategy). Selling a new or unusual product? You might consider creating explanatory user videos. Keep these short and snappy, as you’ll be sharing them across your social channels too – more on that later. If you or your team members have interesting thoughts on how a certain industry or trend is developing, maybe an ongoing blog makes sense. This keeps your site fresh and dynamic, letting customers know you’re an active company with its finger on the pulse. Get familiar with your website’s analytics and note which types of content perform best. Don’t be afraid to repurpose something a few months down the road if it’s still relevant.

3. Get Social

Next up – social. This one can be daunting if you’re not too familiar with the many platforms out there. Plus, the likes of Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat are constantly releasing updates, many of which brands are unaware of. You’d be best advised hiring a social media specialist who can make recommendations around everything from format and video length to audience segmentation and targeting. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on paid, but with the right social strategy, a little can go a long way.

4. Partake in Events

Like any business, you naturally want to get your name out there. Expos, festivals, markets – they all offer great exposure for your brand, particularly if you’re starting out. Take part in what’s feasible financially, making a big deal about it on your social channels in the run-up to the event. For example, a special offer or discount on your Facebook page might encourage fans to visit you at a market, while images, videos and user-generated content make for great social content in the days and weeks after.  

5. Email Marketing

At those events (and on your website and social channels), ask fans if they’d like to receive news and updates via email. This is a great medium for keeping people up to date on what’s happening behind the scenes, and letting them know what’s new in terms of your product or service. A few simple rules of thumb: Don’t bombard users with emails, nobody wants a mail a day from a brand! Keep your subject line simple and to-the-point, for example: ‘10% off for one day only!’ or ‘Guess what we’ve been up to…’ Include different formats in the body of the mail, rather than presenting users with a giant block of text. Images and short video snippets will break up the mail nicely. Finally, keep your tone of voice friendly and relatable. The more corporate or robotic it comes across, the less accessible you’ll seem.

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