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29 November 2018

Is Your Business Brexit Ready? Find Out in Five Minutes

Posted By: AIB Business

With the Brexit deadline looming, it’s safe to say that our closest neighbours leaving the EU is top of mind for most Irish businesses. But while many are worried about how Brexit will impact them, just 5% have a plan in place in ROI (AIB Q3 Brexit Sentiment Survey). To help, AIB has created a simple tool called the AIB Brexit Ready Check. In just five minutes, it provides you with a Brexit risk assessment for your business, as well as a comprehensive plan of action. We chatted to project team member, Cathal O’Donnell (Digital Marketing), to learn more about how the tool works.

How it Works

Given the complexities of the topic, this tool was purposefully designed to be simple and easy to use. All you have to do is open it up on your desktop or mobile and you’ll be prompted through a series of questions about your business.  Based on your answers, the system works out how exposed your business is to Brexit, and provides custom advice on the steps you should take to protect it. Brexit has thrown up a lot of uncertainties, but this tool will help you get a concrete plan in place. When you’ve answered all the questions (which takes approximately five minutes) you’ll be provided with a short risk assessment, and have the option of being emailed a more detailed report.

Mark Doyle, Group Brands Director at AIB, notes, “The Brexit Ready Check is a quick and convenient way for busy customers to get a real sense of where their business may be impacted by Brexit. It also demonstrates how we continue to deliver innovative solutions to our customers. While the experience is simple for users, behind the scenes there’s a complex yet intuitive digital tool. It’s a first for us and is likely the first piece of real clarity on Brexit for SME customers, helping them get started in planning during these uncertain times.”


Co-Created with the Business Community

While there are other Brexit planning assistants on the market, this tool was created based on what our customers told us they needed. The tool was tested and tweaked based on customer feedback to make sure it addresses the complex issue of Brexit in clear and straightforward language. The ‘instant message’ style interface makes it incredibly simple to use too.

A Detailed Plan

If you’d like to discuss the results of your Brexit Ready Check report with an expert, you’ll be offered the option to take a call or meet with one of our 21 knowledgeable Brexit advisors. They can ring you at a time that suits, walk you through the report and answer any questions you might have.

Other AIB Services Around Brexit

As well as the Brexit Ready Check, AIB has several other services to help you get your business prepared. For example, we’ve partnered with Euler Hermes to provide AIB customers with a ‘Free Export Credit Check’, which will give you a risk assessment of five existing or potential overseas clients. We’ve also got a 50% discount with DHL to help you expand into new markets. To find out more, take a look at our range of AIB Brexit Services.

Check out the Brexit Ready Check tool here


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