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26 September 2017

Work is an Activity, Not a Place

Posted By: AIB Business

The nature of work is changing, becoming more fluid. The days when you would go in to the same place every day and sit down on the same desk for eight hours are gone. Workers are balancing their home lives with their work lives and moving around, so more people work remotely from one or more locations, or “agile working”.

Agile working is about taking ownership of your work and accepting accountability to your team, so that you care about delivering to a high standard.

Agile working gives you a chance to eliminate the barriers to getting work done efficiently. One of these barriers is your well-being. If your work schedule doesn’t click with the rest of your life, then you won’t produce your best work, and you won’t find meaning in your job.

Maybe your commute is killing you, or you’d like to be closer to home. Perhaps you could contribute more to your team if you were mobile but you don’t know how to ask your boss to let you work remotely.

One reason to work remotely is the prominence of co-working spaces, which are state-of-the-art facilities purpose built for you to get your work done. With hot desks, meeting rooms and fast internet you have everything you would get in a normal office, and probably more.

Some employers may argue that allowing their staff to operate away from the office will lead to less productivity and less communication, but this is no longer the case thanks to video conferencing technology.

Video conferencing means that you are only a click away from connecting with your colleagues. You can hit them up with regular updates and questions whenever you need - and advanced conferencing systems like Cisco mean that you can share files, collaborate and be productive as well. Companies like BAUER, and Nter One incorporate video meetings as part of their daily business, and it’s easy to see why.

  • 100% of those who use video in meetings say it supports new ideas and new ways to innovate
  • Companies that adopted video in meetings outgrew those that did not by 300%
  • 75% of businesses that meet with video report that it improves collaboration and increases productivity across dispersed teams
  • With video, 73% of meetings end faster and with better results, and 94% of people who use it say it increases meeting efficiency and productivity
  • 94% of those who use video in meetings say it contributes to business growth

The Cisco system is easy to use and can have a variety of applications, as demonstrated by the Ludgate Hub.

With the help of video conferencing technology, you can get more work done and achieve a better work/life balance. To book the Cisco suite at Ludgate, click here. To inquire about a free trial run of the Cisco system in the hub, email

Keep up with goings on at the Hub on Twitter @LudgateIreland and on Facebook. For more information on hot-desking and membership, visit the Ludgate website.


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