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11 March 2014

Energy Management Case Study: Centra

Posted By: AIB Business

With his Centra store in Campile, Co. Wexford about to undergo a series of important energy efficiency upgrades in August 2013, AIB customer Sean Caulfield was intrigued by what Wattics could do to help him monitor the impact.

In order to do so, Wattics installed an energy management solution that was used to identify the energy costs for significant electricity consumers within the store. This allowed for effective planning of energy efficiency upgrade works – works that focused heavily on refrigeration and a deep clean of all equipment. Moreover, existing light fittings in the store were replaced with new energy efficient light fittings.

“Before we started all this work, Wattics installed a meter to give us an accurate 'before and after' picture of our energy consumption and costs. The results have been startling!” says Sean.

The retailer was successful in reducing energy wastage and improving the energy efficiency of equipment within the store, seeing energy use fall by as much as 40% for lighting and close to 50% for refrigeration.

Sean was certainly impressed: “We now have a complete picture of our energy consumption ... We can see clearly through graphs, pie charts and clocks what we are using and the cost of it. Being able to view our energy consumption in this way has really made us more aware of our energy wastage and this cannot but benefit us financially in the long term.”

Through automatic text or email alerts, business owners and managers can become aware of wastage issues occurring on their site. Not only this, but the identification of wastage and energy-saving opportunities through tailored reports helps businesses to discover how much money they can save by implementing Wattics’ energy-saving actions.

Sean also leveraged Wattics’ electricity monitoring meter: “It is so easy to log in to and use. The information it can give back to you is astonishing and of real benefit when trying to keep energy costs down in a business. I can even monitor what the shop is using when I’m not there! It is the way forward and a very useful tool for anyone interested in controlling energy costs.”   


Written by: Wattics   – innovating energy management

If you require finance for energy-saving projects, talk to AIB today.

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