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13 February 2014

5 Tips for Selecting LED Luminaires

Posted By: AIB Business

Not all LED luminaires are created equal, so VERDE LED has produced five tips to help you choose the right product for your business.

Lighting accounts for, on average, 30% of a commercial building’s energy bill.

LED lighting can reduce energy consumption by 65% on average, giving average annual returns of 40-60% on investment.



The benefits of LED lighting include:

  • Energy savings
    LED lighting generates up to 80% energy savings over traditional lighting sources.
  • Long lifespan
    LEDs produce a long lifecycle upwards of 50,000 hours, offering significant maintenance savings.
  • Instant lighting
    LEDs reach their full brightness immediately unlike fluorescents or CFLs.
  • No toxins
    Unlike compact fluorescents, LEDs do not contain any mercury and can be recycled safely.


The following tips can help you choose an appropriate LED luminaire solution for your business:


1. Certification

Ask the manufacturer for copies of product certification to ensure that the product meets all local regulations and ideally exceeds them.

Typically companies that obtain higher levels of certification, such as VDE and UL, will have higher quality products as the testing procedures are more rigorous and difficult to obtain.

2. Performance report

Make sure the LED luminaire manufacturer provides a certified photometric report (per IESNA LM-79) from an approved lab to validate the manufacturer's photometric performance claims.

3. References

Make sure to obtain information on previous projects to ensure that the manufacturer has a good, proven track record.

4. Warranty

Warranties can differ between manufacturers. Ask for warranty terms and conditions as you need to be sure that, in the event of an issue arising, the manufacturer is capable of servicing your claim.

5. Controlling compatibility 

Check to see if the LED luminaires are compatible with wireless lighting control systems so that this option will be available if required in the future.


Written by: VERDE LED – specialising in the design and supply of high quality commercial LED energy efficient lighting

If you require finance for energy-saving projects, talk to AIB today.


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