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04 December 2013

Energy Saving Tips … Office Space

Posted By: AIB Business
Office Space

There is significant evidence that energy reduction not only saves money for office building owners and operators, but also increases property value.


- Encourage your staff to use lights only when necessary. For instance, at times of low occupancy, staff should only switch on the lights that they need rather than the whole floor area.

- Make it clear which lights should be left on and which can be off when not needed. For example, you might choose to light your main office entrance continuously, but specify that the boardroom should only be lit when the room is in use.

- Use time switches and daylight sensors. These can help you to avoid leaving lights on throughout the night for security reasons, reducing energy consumption.

- Install energy efficient lights. For example, compact fluorescent products that use 80% less energy could replace tungsten GLS lamps.

Business Equipment

- Encourage your staff to switch equipment off when it is not in use. Even in standby mode, your equipment still consumes energy. As a simple example, the cost of running a typical desktop computer is in excess of €350 per year. Did anyone take energy costs into account when purchasing this computer?

- Also keep an eye on those machines that tend to be ignored. Do you have a soft drink vending machine in your workplace? Perhaps this machine has been supplied for free by the soft drinks vendor. If so, it is not free to run: a typical soft drinks vending machine costs between €400 and €500 a year in electricity!


- Encourage individuals to turn down the thermostatic radiator valves in their rooms.

- Ensure that your radiator circuit is weather compensated to reduce overheating. If overheating occurs, make sure that the heat is turned down rather than opening the windows.

- Avoid using supplementary electric heaters. These are one of the most expensive heat sources to run.

- Use window blinds. Closing window blinds at night or in the early evening can help reduce heat loss.

Written by: ResourceKraft – supplier of enterprise energy management systems

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