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04 December 2013

10 Tips to Successfully Select a Biomass Boiler

Posted By: AIB Business

Becoming more competitive is vital to business, and one way of achieving this is to cut your energy costs. Biomass is an effective way of reducing heating costs at roughly half the fuel cost of oil. With different technologies and fuels available at varied price scales, how do you choose the right option for your company?

The following 10 Tips are meant as a guide to help prospective users of biomass boilers to select the best technology with the appropriate fuel to suit their requirements.



1. Thermal / Steam Load

Understand your thermal requirements in terms of base and peak loads – keep daily, weekly and seasonal variations in mind. Historical data is as important as your future requirements.

2. Local Fuel

Source a reliable local supply of fuel if possible. Local fuel will have lower delivery costs, and generated profits stay in the locality.


3. Fuel Quality

Your fuel supply must be consistent in terms of moisture content, calorific value and particle size. Consistent fuel will result in consistent output, which maximises uptime and reduces unplanned maintenance.

4. Fuel Storage

Your fuel storage area should be large enough to take the maximum delivery from your fuel supplier and be able to facilitate different unloading methods. If space is an issue, choosing the correct fuel is vital.

5. Boiler In-feed

The boiler fuel in-feed system should be able to cope with various types and sizes of fuel.

6. Boiler Selection

The boiler should be able to meet your heat requirement with different fuels. Will the boiler be standard or custom? Understand the difference.

7. Technology

Understand the limitations of the boiler’s combustion technology.

8. Emissions

Check the boiler’s emission levels.

9. Installation & Integration

Installation is key – use an equipment supplier with a track record of integrating biomass boilers with conventional heating systems.

10. Maintenance Contract

Be sure the equipment supplier has in-house trained boiler engineers to maintain the installation. It is essential to enter into a service contract with the equipment supplier to ensure the consistent output of the boiler.

Written by: Brendan Lynch, Filtrex Ltd 

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