iBusiness Banking (iBB) Security Centre

How Do We Protect You

AIB uses several layers of technology to provide the most up-to-date security systems with our Online Banking services to ensure that you, the customer, can have confidence in the confidentiality and integrity of the service.


Two Factor Authentication

iBusiness Banking (iBB) provides you with strong online banking security adhering to best practice in the industry. This means that you need two separate secret elements to be able to logon (to authenticate yourself). So as well as your User ID, you will also require a Passphrase and the unique One Time Code provided by the Digipass - the secure electronic code generator registered to the user. You need both of these items to log in and transact on iBB.


Payment Monitoring

We know that security is important to you, our customer, and so to help protect you our Payment Monitoring team may need to contact you from time to time to ensure payments made from your account are genuine.

This means that the processing of some payments may be delayed for a short time while we attempt to make contact with you to verify the payment. 

For security reasons, the team will ask you to confirm your User ID and your Digipass serial number in order to progress the call and confirm the payment.



iBB uses Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and Digital Signatures as part of User and transaction authentication as well as Transport Layer Security (TLS) to encrypt all information in transit between the customer and AIB.

If you are getting a message about the security certificate when logging onto the service using Google Chrome, click here for information.