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Current Security Alert

At AIB we take security seriously. We aim to protect you against the threats associated with internet fraud. AIB works constantly with national and international partners to identify cyber threats and issues regular customer advice on this page, so please always take a minute to read new messages we issue to protect you. 

Here in our Security Centre, you will find details of specific current security threats to our online banking customers and alerts that you should be aware of.



Businesses throughout the world, including Ireland, are being targeted by scammers.  These scams generally work in 2 ways:

  • The first involves scammers pretending to be legitimate suppliers sending emails advising of changes to payment arrangements/account numbers, and
  • The second is when the scammers pretend to be someone within your own company, who emails you to make a payment – often an urgent one.

In both cases the emails may look to be genuine, but email addresses are easy for criminals to fake.  Any payment instructions received on email should be verified verbally with a known contact.

For more information, have a look at our Common Frauds and Threats page.