Notice Deposit Account

A range of notice deposit accounts to help your business manage cash flow and save

Notice Deposit Accounts to suit your business needs.

We have two Notice Deposit Accounts, Access Deposit 30 and Notice Deposit 7, to help your business manage cashflow and save for key projects. Ideal for saving towards your annual tax return or seasonal expenses. Simply choose what notice period suits your business needs.

Use Access 30, Notice Deposit and Deposit Plus for your surplus funds

A savings account for surplus funds.

If you have funds that your business doesn’t need immediate access to, you can earn a variable rate of interest with our Notice Deposit Accounts.

Our Variable Deposit Accounts at a glance:

  Notice Deposit 7 Account Access Deposit 30 Account
Minimum opening balance None None
Maximum balance Unlimited Unlimited
Notice of Withdrawal required 7 days 30 days**
Interest paid April April, October
Type of interest rate Variable Tiered and Variable


Note: Where a withdrawal without the notice period being served is permitted a Breach of notice cost will be applied to the account.**

Common features of our Variable Rate Deposit Products:



Withdraw funds in any branch, subject to the relevant notice period and completion of a withdrawal form.



The interest rate varies depending on your balance and account type.



Ideal for regular or lump sum deposits.



Provided at a frequency that suits you.



Can be made in branch, online or by standing order.

* Interest is subject to Deposit Interest Retention Tax (D.I.R.T.) where applicable at the prevailing rate (for more detailed information please visit